More about the practice

We provide comprehensive legal assistance in drafting and reviewing the wording of contracts, negotiating their terms, and securing their performance, including through litigation and enforcement proceedings. The experience gained in the course of prior disputes allows us to provide contractual advice in a way that gives a sense of legal security to our Clients. The wording of contracts may determine the future success or failure of a business venture.

Scope of our services

Providing legal advice on reviewing and creating the contractual structure within a company, commercial contracts (including cooperation, distribution, promotion, agency, service, R&D, and implementation contracts), general terms and conditions of contracts (GTCs)

Providing legal advice on the establishment and reorganization of sales and distribution networks, and purchasing procedures

Providing legal advice on securing the performance of obligations (trust agreements, pledge agreements, establishment of mortgages, submission to enforcement, bank, insurance and corporate guarantees, promissory notes, etc.)

Drafting and negotiating contracts for loans, credit facilities, and guarantees, including those relating to real and personal collateral

Creating and negotiating the structure of planned transactions, including tax aspects

Drafting letters of intent, term sheets, offers, and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Conducting due diligence and implementing recommendations resulting from the analysis

Providing legal advice on and negotiating share deals and asset deals

Drafting and negotiating shareholders' agreements, investment agreements and joint venture agreements

Drafting and negotiating court and out-of-court settlements ending multifaceted disputes, and providing legal support in the course of their performance

Providing contractual advice on the division of joint property (civil-law partnerships, inheritances, matrimonial property regimes) and the dissolution of co-ownership

Providing legal advice on the organization of contests and lotteries, including the drafting of the rules of procedure and announcements

Providing advice on image distribution agreements (including images of famous athletes); providing advice on sponsorship agreements

Providing legal assistance regarding the oversight over proper performance of contractual obligations by contractors and the creating a litigation strategy for the resolution of disputes arising out of or relating to the non-performance or improper performance of agreements

Selected completed projects

Our Clients include

Buyer (buy side)

Seller (sell side)

Commercial companies (partnerships and capital companies), including public companies

Individual Clients

Individual and institutional investors

Alternative Investment Companies

BRIdge Alpha funds


Angel investors