More about the practice

We effectively prevent and resolve disputes in commercial companies at all stages of their progress – corporate, pre-litigation and litigation. We provide legal assistance in this area to SMEs

and large enterprises, public companies, as well as their minority and majority shareholders and members of their corporate bodies.
We have ended Clients’ corporate disputes within a short period of time. We have handled a number of ambitious business ventures of our Clients, involving the defence of companies against hostile takeovers and corporate raiders, as well as acquisitions by minority shareholders and former managers. We have advised both public and private companies on the resolution of some of the most prominent, complex and multifaceted disputes.

In the cases we have handled, there have been precedent-setting rulings regarding company law.

Scope of our services

Preparing strategies for resolving disputes in commercial companies and their implementation at all stages (corporate, pre-litigation and litigation)

Preparing and conducting meetings of the corporate bodies of commercial companies, including public companies

Representing majority or minority shareholders at general meetings of shareholders

Implementing the right to control and the right to information (including using the institution of the special auditor and the auditor)

Protecting against corporate blackmail

Defending against hostile takeovers

Resolving disputes in public companies, including, but not limited to, the areas of delisting, squeeze-out, and reverse squeeze-out

Representing Clients in connection with corporate disputes before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the National Depository for Securities and brokerage houses

Negotiating and advising on a settlement that ends a dispute in the company

Resolving court disputes arising from the legal relationship of a commercial company, centring around:

  • challenging resolutions of the corporate bodies of commercial companies (determination of non-existence / determination of invalidity / revocation / existence of resolutions) – including those relating to an increase in share capital, amendment of the articles of association of the company, changes in the composition of the company's corporate bodies, granting or depriving of personal rights
  • suspension of the effectiveness and enforceability of resolutions (injunction proceedings)
  • registration of changes in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register resulting from defective resolutions
  • determination of the existence / nonexistence of the relationship of membership in a company (seats on the corporate bodies / status of a shareholder)
  • deprivation of the right to represent the company or conduct its affairs
  • exclusion of a shareholder
  • dissolution of the company
  • forfeiture of voting rights

Selected completed projects

Our Clients include

Commercial companies (partnerships and capital companies), including public companies

Members of management and supervisory boards

Majority and minority shareholders

Individual and institutional investors

Investment funds and investment fund companies

Former members of the corporate bodies and former shareholders