More about the practice

Dispute resolution is one of our key practices. Clients approach us to procure the services of this practice when other law firms hit a brick wall and are at a loss in respect of how to help them. The disputes we resolve are often interdisciplinary in nature and combine legal issues from different fields of law. When we proceed to conduct a dispute, we get to know the unique nature of the industry and the essence of the Client’s business problem.

We take an individual approach to each case, precisely identifying our Clients’ goals, taking into account their business needs and mitigating risks to the highest extent possible.

Scope of our services

Preparing dispute analyses and identifying areas of risks and their magnitudes

Preparing strategies for preventing dispute escalation and resolving disputes at the pre-litigation and litigation stages, as well as strategy implementation

Conducting negotiations aimed at ending disputes, mediating and drafting settlements to end disputes

Representing Clients before common and administrative courts, the Supreme Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union, as well as before public administration bodies

Representing Clients before arbitration courts

Resolving disputes regarding, among others:

  • commercial company relations (corporate disputes)
  • requests for payment
  • non-performance or improper performance of contractual obligations (in particular those relating to new technologies and transactions within the IT industry)
  • contract performance and collateral
  • liability for damages
  • debt collection (and enforcement) proceedings
  • enforcement of difficult debts (including actio pauliana complaints)
  • land and mortgage registers, including reconciliation of the contents of the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status
  • possession of real and movable property
  • disputes relating to mortgage loans in Swiss francs
  • division of property and co-ownership dissolution

Selected completed projects

Our Clients include

Entities initiating a dispute (making a claim), as well as those taking up a defence against a claim

Entities with an interest in resolving the dispute in favour of one of the parties (intervening parties)

Commercial companies (partnerships and capital companies)

Public companies

Members of management and supervisory boards

Majority and minority shareholders

Individual and institutional investors


Individual Clients (including consumers)