More about the practice

We are passionate about new technologies, which allows us to take an innovative approach to providing IT law advice. We combine the expertise gained from providing services to Polish software houses with business experience derived from Fortune 500 corporations. We are able to draw on a wealth of practical knowledge in the field of IT contracts, both Polish and international, including those based on case law (UK, USA, Singapore). We also know the basics of programming, and “speak” the language of IT, which enables us to position ourselves as a team of professional IT legal partners. In the course of our professional work, we have learned the ploys of the largest companies in the market “from behind the scenes.” This provides us with a unique, holistic approach to IT industry contracts.

Scope of our services

Drafting the legal framework and contractual structure of various software distribution models (licensing, deployment, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, GaaS, hybrid models), contracts for the sale of computer software and contracts for the provision of broadly defined IT services (software development, service, maintenance)

Providing comprehensive legal assistance to IT companies in commercial relations with foreign Clients (negotiations, drafting of contracts for English-speaking markets, dispute resolution)

IP audit – determining entities entitled to intellectual property, assessing the security of continuity of IT services within the enterprise

Preparing Clients for changes in the law (review and drafting of contract forms, terms of engagement, price lists)

Developing and implementing standards for the protection of information and personal data (GDPR)

Implementing preferential IP BOX tax solutions and R&D credits in IT enterprises

Selected completed projects

Our Clients include

Programmers, software consultants, software houses

Entrepreneurs providing SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and GaaS services

Entities making software acquisitions and technology transfers

Venture capitalists and angel investors in the IT sector

IT and technology startups

Managers, UX designers