More about the practice

In everyday life – both professional and private – there are a number of events that require consultation with a lawyer. Thanks to our experience in the field of litigation, we know that even seemingly simple facts of the case can correspond to an extremely complicated and difficult legal situation. For this reason, we comprehensively advise individual Clients with regard to property and personal relationships. We both represent Clients at the pre-litigation stage, e.g. by conducting negotiations or drafting letters addressed to, for example, sellers (including developers), cooperatives or tenants, as well as defend their rights and interests in court, administrative, or court and administrative proceedings.

Scope of our services

Providing comprehensive legal advice to individuals on their property and personal relationships

Providing legal advice on inheritance law – including drafting wills and succession

Providing legal advice on property, including real estate law and real estate transactions

Representing Clients in litigation (including the protection of personal rights and damages), administrative, court and administrative, and enforcement proceedings

Providing legal advice regarding cases of guardianship or involuntary treatment

Recovering funds

Reviewing and modifying provisions of contracts and agreements entered into by consumers, including reservation agreements and development agreements.

Selected completed projects

Our Clients include

Individuals (individual Clients)

Partners in partnerships and their successors

Shareholders of capital companies and their successors