More about the practice

Our practical experience and extensive knowledge of corporate, civil and economic law enable us to offer our Clients comprehensive support in the process of planning and implementing intergenerational succession. The ability to listen to the needs of the Client and understand the unique nature of his business, allows us to perform an analysis and provide the necessary support for the selection of the optimal structure for the succession and its implementation.

The experience gained in the field of corporate disputes allows us to effectively develop solutions that reconcile the often conflicting interests of successors and introduce mechanisms to prevent the transfer of family conflicts to business operations.

Scope of our services

Supporting entrepreneurs in planning the succession of their assets and the protection of these assets in the event of death, including an analysis of the legal and economic situation (audit) of the Client's enterprise from the perspective of intergenerational succession

Providing comprehensive support for the succession implementation process in legal, tax and accounting terms

Advising on the establishment and registration of family foundations

Providing support regarding the appointment of a succession administrator and ongoing legal services supporting the activities of the inherited enterprise

Providing support regarding the development of the optimal method of ending succession management, the choice of the legal form of conducting further activities of the enterprise and providing comprehensive support for the implementation of the developed solutions

Providing comprehensive support to successors jointly entitled to shares in capital companies in the day-to-day operations of the company and in the resolution of disputes concerning the exercise of rights by joint shareholders

Comprehensive handling of the process of finding a buyer for the company and finalizing the business divestiture transaction

Selected completed projects

Our Clients include

Sole traders and their successors.

Family businesses and enterprises.

Partners in partnerships and their successors.

Shareholders of capital companies and their successors.

Owners of inherited businesses.