Mateusz Sierzan Junior Associate

Mateusz specialises in competition law, business rights, protection of business secrets and corporate disputes.

He provides technical and substantive support to the Firm’s lawyers in matters related to corporate disputes and civil proceedings. He has advised entrepreneurs and consumers in asserting and protecting their rights against, for example, actions of public administration bodies. His previous work experience includes working in the Ombudsman Office for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (Biuro Rzecznika Małych i Średnich Przedsiębiorców), where he assisted in the provision of legal assistance to entrepreneurs during lockdowns. Prior to that Mateusz worked in law firms in Warsaw providing various services to capital companies.

Mateusz is an initiator, organiser and participant of many scientific and popular events as well as practical workshops and trainings on business law, civil proceedings and constitutional law. He also published several scientific publications and over a dozen of scientific papers in the field of civil proceedings, administrative proceedings and constitutional law.

He is known for his creative thinking, sincere fascination with legal and scientific work. Achieving goals is his priority and he approaches each case individually in a multifaceted manner.

A fifth-year law student at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. Member of the Scientific Circle of Constitutional Law (Koło Naukowe Prawa Konstytucyjnego), Member of the Scientific Circle of Private Law (Koło Naukowe Prawa Prywatnego )and  a co-founder of the Scientific Circle of Civil Trial Law UKSW (Koło Naukowe Prawa Procesowego Cywilnego UKSW).

He is fluent in English and is also learning Norwegian.

Cases +-

Protecting the interests and rights of entrepreneurs before public administration authorities during lockdowns, including providing ongoing advice to entrepreneurs on public business law and administrative law, as well as preparing appeals to higher instance authorities and complaints to the provincial administrative court.

Participation in the analysis and provision of opinions on draft legislation concerning, inter alia, amendments to the Civil Procedure Code (Kodeks postępowania cywilnego) and the Public Procurement Law (Prawo zamówień publicznych).

Publication of scientific papers in the field of civil procedure, administrative procedure and constitutional law, including publication of a chapter in a collective scientific monograph published by Wolters Kluwer entitled “Constitutional aspects of civil procedure” edited by Aleksandra Orzeł – Jakubowska, PhD, and Tadeusz Zembrzuski, PhD, Professor at the University of Warsaw.

Organization and co-organization of several nationwide conferences and scientific events in the field of constitutional law, civil proceedings, business law, emerging technology law and administrative proceedings, as well as delivering numerous papers during nationwide scientific conferences in the field of civil proceedings, administrative law and constitutional law.