Aleksandra Zeuschner Advocate, Partner

Aleksandra specialises in litigation law, commercial company law and in handling complex and multithreaded commercial disputes, with a particular focus on corporate disputes.

She has gained almost 10 years of experience providing legal services to both foreign and Polish Clients, including public companies, as well as key State Treasury companies in the armaments, railway and energy sectors. She has directly advised members of management boards and members of supervisory boards of companies belonging to one of the leading capital groups in Poland.

Her areas of specialisation include provision of comprehensive legal services to companies, including providing advice on agreements, employment law and management contracts. In addition, Aleksandra’s professional interests include the legal aspects of e-sports and general legal advice within the game development and e-sports industry.

Aleksandra is a very dedicated and meticulous team member and her ability to think outside of the box enables her to solve problems in the most effective way and to pursue her Clients’ goals.

Author of publications and studies on commercial law, civil procedure and capital markets law (she participated, among others, in the creation of General and Individual Reporting Standards for listed companies created at the initiative of the Association of Listed Companies). She runs training courses on commercial and capital law. She is fluent in English.

She was awarded the Golden Laurel of the Leon Koźmiński Academy in Warsaw for outstanding achievements in the field of law.

Cases +-

Representation of a number of public companies in investigations conducted by Komisję Nadzoru Finansowego (Financial Supervision Authority) concerning violations of disclosure obligations incumbent on public companies.

Provision of legal advice on the protection of minority shareholder rights of public companies, including obtaining a positive ruling on the appointment of a special auditor.

Representing a Client in an investment process concerning the commercialisation of an innovative infertility treatment method.

Defence of a public manufacturing company against corporate blackmail which involved withholding the implementation of a share capital increase, provision of legal advice on the preparation and conduct of general meetings, implementation of a share capital increase within the framework of authorised capital combined with the issue of subscription warrants – the purpose of which was to enable the implementation of companies consolidation within the sector.

Defence of an employee-owned joint stock company in the construction sector against a hostile takeover by a competing public company.

Audit of corporate documentation of dozens of companies belonging to leading capital groups in Poland, followed by a comprehensive process of unification of documentation within a given capital group. This work included compliance verification process of documents against the provisions of the state property management legislation.

Membership in an interdisciplinary negotiating team during conversations with foreign and domestic partners in connection with the implementation of programmes related to the Technical Modernisation of the Polish Armed Forces.