About us

We are an expert law firm specializing in special tasks. Clients very often come to us when other law firms throw up their hands and do not know how to help them.


We advise Clients on resolving the most famous and complex disputes in public and private companies. The unique experience gained from disputes allows us to holistically provide corporate and contractual advice in a way that gives legal security to our Clients. We are able to identify and understand the business risks and goals of our Clients. We are also familiar with the needs of individual Clients, including Swiss franc-related matters.

Based on our long-standing relationships, we are carefully building a permanent, committed and interdisciplinary Team of experienced experts.

We win our Clients’ proceedings, including those before the Supreme Court. As one of the very few law firms in Poland we have participated in preliminary ruling proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union.

We are a young and dynamic Team operating in the new law methodology.

We enjoy challenges - we develop and solve complex, interdisciplinary and often precedent-setting legal issues.

We are based in the centre of Warsaw, but thanks to modern technologies and the mobility of our Team, we provide legal assistance to entities throughout Poland as well as abroad.

We build long-term relationships with Clients by growing with them in business – we have been serving some of our Clients for over 9 years.

We precisely identify our Clients' objectives and strive to achieve them - without generating unnecessary tasks and costs.

We are aware of the volume and complexity of legal regulations, which is why we provide information on cases to our Clients in a simplified and accessible form.

We solve our Clients' problems, don’t multiply them.


Our top priority is to provide legal advice services of the highest quality.


We have gained knowledge and experience by advising on interdisciplinary, business-critical projects for Clients, including but not limited to major corporate disputes.


The quality of our services and the specialised experience of our team make us competitive with the most reputable law firms in Poland - we can achieve business goals more effectively within the budget set by the Client.


We are focused on selected specialisations and creatively implement unconventional legal solutions tailored to the ambitious projects of our Clients.


We act quickly and effectively. Each of our Clients has a dedicated, permanent and proactive project team member for efficient communication and execution of legal advice.


We take full responsibility for the projects we deliver - our commitment to our Clients means that we are not mere observers, but become part of these projects.